2018 Done And Dusted for Wynne Business!

Wynne Business retailer listings gained in 2018

2018 is now pretty much finished with when it comes to retail opportunities.  Here at Wynne Business we have had a great year, winning listings for our clients and being involved in some great projects.

This time of year I try to pause for reflection on how 2018 has gone but it’s easier said than done.  My children have a ridiculous appetite for activities in the summer holidays but more importantly (don’t tell them this) there is a shift change in retail.  Now is the time of year to focus on presenting new products for 2019 listings.

Getting off to the right start

Our approach with buyers is always to communicate clearly the product USP’s, the brand story and what the product would bring to their category.  Will it create new consumption behaviours?  Capitalise on new trends?  Or bring innovation to a stale category?  If the product can deliver on one of these aspects it’s a got a great chance to be included in a range review.

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