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Founded by Suzi Wynne DipM MCIM, who has accumulated 18 years experience as a high performing Sales & Marketing professional specialising in sales development and management roles selling into Multiple Retailers.

Wynne Business was set up to work with small to medium sized companies to launch products (food and non-food) into multiple retailers.   The rationale was to offer SME’s the opportunity to have a sales resource which is highly trained with industry experience and best practice learned over many years, at a cost effective rate with short term contracts.

As a small business we are flexible to work with and can support clients in any aspect of launching products, this can be the whole process or just sections of it, if you have a great product we would be love to be a part of it.  And what we are really good at (and it’s the juicy bit) is getting those all important meetings and getting a foot in the door!

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