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Back in October I started my fourth year as an Honorary Teaching Fellow as part of theEntrepreneur In Residence (EiR) programme at Lancaster University Management School.  I originally got involved back in 2016 and at the time didn’t really know what to expect.  I was just driven by adding to the female representation of the EiR’s at Lancaster, as at the time it was quite male dominated (but not anymore).  It also helped me get out of my own bubble into a different environment where I could offer support and advice.

The EiR programme itself was established in 2008 so I am a mere young pup in terms of involvement but the original members have done a fantastic job.  It’s a unique programme which exposes students to actual real life business people to help with degrees and MBA research.  

It sounds like a one-way process but it’s not.  I believe I get just as much out of it as the students.  Last year I was involved in a research piece about productivity and through the research interview it made me evaluate how I run my own service-based business and how I should be applying manufacturing principles to resources used in my business and the service output.

The other benefit is that I get to use my skills and expertise in a completely different environment and in a (non-retail) context which is really refreshing and then in turn makes me think about how I can do things differently.

I think we all go into business for different reasons. I love the development of projects and seeing tangible results from how Wynne Business helps clients; but on a much more personal level working with students is also hugely rewarding.  Last week I was involved in a Product & Service Innovation Lecture where we assessed opportunities and risk in launching products – my heartland!!  It was a great feeling seeing the students respond and the fires ignite with how you launch products with the right strategies and implementation.  Some may even end up in the kooky world of retail!

Suzi Wynne  

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