Pitching to buyers? Here are some top tips.

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Pitching to buyers: some people love it, some people hate it. I love it and always have.

I started back in 2002 pitching to Argos, if we were successful a single listing could be worth over £1m for 12 months (2 catalogues). For some categories now is a key time to start pitching for new listings. I believe as with everything in life preparation for that buyer meeting is key, but here are some extra top tips to give you the edge.

Top Tips for Pitching to Buyers

Knowing your product, its costs and product benefits should be a given, but in addition to this take a step back and really analyse why the consumer will buy your product. What will make the consumer pick up the product? This is about working with buyers to deliver products that consumers need, perhaps pay a premium for and fill a gap within that category. Before your meeting try to do the following:-

i) Nail down the USP of the product and practise how you demonstrate the product; make it look its best!

ii) Walk the aisles. Be bespoke in your pitch visit the stores and visit all formats of the retailer (superstores, convenience, forecourts etc). Watch how consumers shop the category it’s amazing how much you learn.

iii) How will you support the brand, external to the store and inside the store – what exposure to your brand/product will consumers have before they pick up your product? Get the buyer excited about your plans.

Reviewing these aspects will highlight to the buyer that you are thinking beyond your own business – always a good tact at the beginning of a business partnership.

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Good luck…

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