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Mini Mantas and Wynne Business – a winning partnership


Mini Mantas is a business close to my heart having worked with owner Michael Thomas to take his creation from concept to shelf.  In March 2019 we met with the buyer at Boots to review sales and look at future opportunities.  What a day!  Our mutual partnership is set to continue and there are so […]

Wynne Business – Where It All Began

Wynne Business 2019 and beyond

The start of 2019 has been very exciting for Wynne Business with new clients, the latest innovative products and some amazing retail opportunities which we are grabbing with both hands!  It looks set to be our best year yet and with so many exciting things before us, I thought I would take this opportunity to […]

Calyx Drinks – Flower Power And Mindful Drinking!!

Wynne Business work with Calyx Drinks

At Wynne Business we are always on the lookout for innovative brands to work with.  We have some amazing clients and our new client Calyx Drinks is no exception; they’re local to us too and flying the flag for Lancashire which is very exciting! The brand is all about flowers and more specifically the calyx […]

Testimonial – Sainsbury’s Listing / Primo Distribution

Wynne Business work with Sainsbury's

  Wynne Business is proud to work with businesses of all sizes and when a testimonial arrives in my inbox it confirms that we are working hard and achieving big things for small businesses. ”As a small business we don’t always have the skills available or physical time when new projects arise so last year […]

2018 Done And Dusted for Wynne Business!

Wynne Business retailer listings gained in 2018

2018 is now pretty much finished with when it comes to retail opportunities.  Here at Wynne Business we have had a great year, winning listings for our clients and being involved in some great projects. This time of year I try to pause for reflection on how 2018 has gone but it’s easier said than […]

Monday’s Are BTS with Wynne Business

Wynne Business Photo Shoot

It’s Monday morning and the sun is shining, the temperature outside is 28 degrees and everybody seems cheerful, not your usual Monday depicted by the countless memes on social media. This morning I’ve been invited by Suzi Wynne to my very first photo shoot.  When I arrive I meet the lovely Jordan from Magill Photography.  […]

Gorgeous Gourmet Dips

Wynne Business Fine Food in Retail

I am extremely lucky, or is it the ‘labour under complete knowledge’ type of lucky?  I don’t know but what I do know is that I work with some fantastic clients. Recently, our work with Durham Foods culminated with a launch into Ocado.  Everything went smoothly and after 4 weeks sales are strong and above […]

What’s The Plan? Preparing Your Pitch

Wynne Business - Pitching to Buyers

So you’ve spent months researching names, from assistant buyers to category managers, countless hours trawling the internet and your efforts have finally paid off.  You’ve made contact with the correct person, and you’ve got a meeting… Prosecco time? Not yet… First things first, they obviously like your product but keep in mind that buyers get […]

Outsourcing Retail Sales

Wynne Business Outsourcing retail sales

The Benefits for SME’s Sales are crucial to all organisations and outsourcing sales is by no means a new approach.   However, I do feel the benefits specifically for SME’s are worth exploring…. 5 benefits of outsourcing sales:- Time to focus – for most of the SME business owners and Sales Directors I speak to, time […]

The Changing Retail Landscape

Selling Brands to Retailers Selling new products and certainly selling new brands has changed a lot over the years.  Through Tesco Project Reset, Asda Project Renewal and the general stripping out of skus has led to smaller ranges in retail.  Or perhaps less depth is a better way to explain it. We present new brands […]


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