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Exhibition Visit

I visited the Speciality Fine Food show last week; I definitely made the right decision in not eating breakfast and saving myself for the amazing food sampling.  There was an abundance of healthy snacking, authentic sauces and strange but wonderful tea.  I had a great time.

With all the fine food produce on offer it did make me think how much would end up in supermarkets; beyond speciality deli and farm shops and what does it take to go to the next level?

Supplying Supermarkets

There are many elements to consider going to the next level and supplying supermarkets.  Here are just some of them:

Ideally, you need to have an unique product with a proven strong rate of sale where you are currently selling.   Your products need to be part of a market trend that can stimulate interest and sales in the grocery channel.  Many people are passionate about their products (quite rightly) but you do need to sense check and audit the category you want to be in.  Review the competitors and establish the brands that could create a barrier to entry for you and potentially replicate your idea.

With all this excitement at looking at trading with “the big boys” you will need to review your own company infrastructure.  Growing volume and sales is a fantastic objective only if you have the right company resources and you can cope with the scalability of the increased volume AND make money.  The old saying: “sales is vanity profit is sanity” definitely comes in at this point.

Finally, I believe as supermarkets improve their own brand product quality, the brands competing need to bring differentiation and superior ‘fine food’ quality.  So let’s hope we see more and more quality UK foods on the supermarket shelves.

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