Getting out there with Lancaster University

Suzi Wynne, EiR Honorary Teaching Fellow at Lancaster University

This week I spent an afternoon at Lancaster University.  Prior to going I always get quite excited.  Partly because it’s something different, away from the day-to-day running of my business and as always the brief from Fleur Hodgson who works in the Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Innovation Department was: “there is no preparation needed”.  Eeek!  In my world it’s all about preparation, so the work I do at Lancaster University as an Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) is actually quite liberating.

I have been an EiR for just over a year now and I have to admit collaborating and being involved in the academic world does enhance what I do and my outlook.  I also find it rewarding helping the students.  On Monday it was the ‘Pitch & Poster’ session with final year students presenting their end of year business ideas.  I’d like to think that my input and from my fellow EiR’s optimises the whole purpose of why we take the role of an EiR.  Ricardo Zozimo and Helen Fogg drive the EiR process which is based on the following fundamentals:

Part of the department’s differentiating strategy is to translate research into

programmes for business that joins them in their world, and to expose students to

the realities of business management.  The department aspires to maintain its

connection with the “real world” and the appointment of EiRs as Honorary Teaching

Fellows play a crucial part by balancing academic rigour with the lived experiences of

the entrepreneur”.

Working together

Collaboration is a fantastic thing with shared knowledge and exploration of new cultures and methods.  I think the concept can transcend across many different sectors and just getting out of your silo and experiencing a different culture/sector can be very rewarding and also helping someone else can make you feel pretty good too.

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