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Wynne Business Outsourcing retail sales

The Benefits for SME’s

Sales are crucial to all organisations and outsourcing sales is by no means a new approach.   However, I do feel the benefits specifically for SME’s are worth exploring….

5 benefits of outsourcing sales:-

  1. Time to focus – for most of the SME business owners and Sales Directors I speak to, time is the biggest issue in lead generation, looking at new sales channels and account managing existing retailers. Having a professional sales team can absorb all of this work leaving the business owners to focus on more strategic plans and operational delivery.


  1. Reduces risk and cost– many sales teams suffer from changes in personnel and lack of key skills and this can impact the bottom line and reduce effectiveness. There is also the cost to hire, train, and retain top sales people and keep them in the life they are accustomed to: cars, bonuses, healthcare and pensions.  Having an experienced and reliable outsourced sales team can be cost effective and reduce the risk of operational inefficiencies with a highly trained team that can start working from day one.


  1. New skills– an outsourced team can bring in new skill sets and best practice which has been learned over years.  Not to mention the industry contacts made over the years.


  1. Shared knowledge– when a partnership exists between the organisation and outsourced agency, the outsourced team can share skills and knowledge with members of the organisation and help build up systems and infrastructure going forward.


  1. Flexibility– many SME’s can grow at a rapid rate and gain listings.  Engaging an outsourced sales team can help with managing the accounts as well as continued growth through sales development.  On the flipside, in the event that the market declines it is easier to reduce the budget with the outsourced sales team than make redundancies.  Thus, helping organisations scale up as well as down.


If you are interested in adopting an outsourced approach for your organisation and would like to assess if it would be suitable for you, please contact: sw@wynnebusiness.co.uk


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