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Working out the Workout

I started doing high intensity interval training (HiiT) workouts last year; along with the masses watching Joe Wicks on You Tube.  I then got bored and took up spinning, which I have to admit I absolutely love, as it involves a high intensity workout and is also target driven (and I love targets).

I did a particularly hard spinning class last month and after nearly collapsing in a heap afterwards it got me thinking.  Hiit and spinning instructors say that to get the most out of your body you have to push it to the extreme, but you can only do this in short bursts.  You then rest in a short interval and go again. Apparently you can’t hit the peaks and extremes over longer periods of time.  So, I started to think about whether these principles can be applied in business and specifically to sales development?

Applying the Principles

If you applied the principles of HIIT to sales development, perhaps success could be better achieved in concentrated short bursts of effort?  Certainly in the area I work in, there is a demonstrable amount of “knocking on the door” and it needs to be repeated until the door opens.  But to keep the approach fresh and the sales person motivated maybe shorter bursts would be better?

Working in retail and sales development to a certain degree is seasonal and when range reviews have finished I do tend to advise clients to spend efforts on marketing and improving/refining the product offer. To then go again (hopefully with less sweat than an actual workout).

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