”We’ve worked with Wynne Business for over a year now and the highlight would be the meetings with buyers where Calyx and Wynne Business worked together to present the business and commercials and used each other’s strengths and knowledge to work as a partnership and really represent all that is good about Calyx.John-Lewis-Calyx-Drinks

Wynne Business is a rising business with a bright future ahead.  The company has grown in the last year which has added more to what is now a team of professionals that can deliver.  They have committed to the brand and we love working with them.  And for anyone considering working with them, go for it!’’

Raphael Ogunrinde, Founder, Calyx Drinks

Calyx Drinks Testimonial

What is the power of networking? For me it is coming together to share knowledge with people who share the same values and determination to make things happen, then applying that to achieve an objective. A great example of that is on display here. Without those qualities none of this would have happened and this would be a blank space.Wynne-Business-Boots-Mini-Mantas

A massive thank you to Suzi Wynne for the belief and resilience you have shown in this venture. I’ve learned so much, you are a pleasure to work but without those qualities (especially your experience, drive….. and old school strictness) this simply wouldn’t be where it is today. Sincere thanks and respect.

A shameless selfie to celebrate the journey of getting here and the meeting with Boots today to discuss the future partnership. The future is bright, the future is orange! #makeithappen #greatday . We continue….

Michael Thomas, Owner Founder, Mini Mantas

Mini Mantas Testimonial

”Launching a brand new product through a brand new business is a daunting prospect, especially when your experience in retail is limited to running a tiny bookshop in a sleepy village. Suzi’s expertise made me fully understand the potential of my product and showed me how to turn my ‘decent’ idea into a well-organised, Middle-Mouse-Wynne-Business-Testimonialprofessional company that big retail would take notice of. This includes things I would never have thought to account for, from trade marks to product spec sheets, plus a hundred tiny things that only someone with Suzi’s experience with buyers would know. Our sessions are informative, extremely organised and very enjoyable.

Suzi’s enthusiasm and passion gives you confidence in your purpose and her expertise provides access to the procedures and intricacies of the retail world that would be almost impenetrable without her guidance As a result of this, and with Suzi’s help, I have re-written my business plan to incorporate the opportunities offered by working with Wynne Business, and am able bring forward business objectives by several years. I would highly recommend Suzi to anyone looking to enter the retail space for the first time.”

Rebecca Wright, Director, Middle Mouse Group

Middle Mouse Testimonial

As a small business we don’t always have the skills available or physical time when new projects arise so last year we teamed up with
the awesome Suzi Wynne & Laura Aspinall to help us reach new customers.

Wynne Business worked hard to understand our business and knew exactly how to approach clients.

Their awesome work was instrumental in us launching in Sainsbury’s!!
I can’t recommend this awesome team enough !!!

Claire Hurst

Managing Director at Clever Skin / Primo Distribution

Claire Hurst – Clever Skin / Primo Distribution

I started working with Suzi Wynne in April 2013 when I introduced her to an existing client of mine. Suzi was then tasked with driving a project of diversification for the client into a new product and new market channels.

The client had suffered from seasonality in factory production and sales and sought to create a range of products that would deliver all year round sales. New product development was seen to be a viable option. Suzi’s objectives were to research the market opportunities, develop a commercial product (with key client personnel) and start pitching to relevant targets.

Throughout the project I found Suzi very professional and easy to work with. She is very straight talking with sound business acumen and an approach that can really deliver.

Philip Dyer Chairman nxo Ltd

I was very fortunate to be referred to Suzi by another client of hers who could not speak highly enough of Suzi Wynne.

Suzi has been invaluable to the development of my business. Without her we would have not have been able to secure listings in a leading national Pharmacy Chain of the products that we have the agency rights for. Her depth and breadth of knowledge on how to get products on shelves and product developmental ideas are second-to-none.

I would refer Suzi to anyone looking to get their products on the shelves of leading multiples, or someone just setting out in developing their product. Suzi can make a the leap happen for you of making your idea and turning it into a real business.
Suzi is so integral to my business, she feels like a part of our team.

Thanks Suzi!

Sophia Smith – Revolve Distribution

Crushed was set up in 2011 by partners Jenny Salmon and Deborah Ewing-Chow.  The company was set up in order to bring a children’s fruit based puree snack to the market for 7-11 year olds.

We had created a brand, and sourced the product, by the time we met Suzi Wynne at a conference organized by The Grocer Magazine.  Our challenge was that whilst we had experience of selling, we recognised that selling to supermarket buyers was going to require very specialist “insider” knowledge of the way supermarkets worked.  This is where Suzi’s help proved invaluable.

Our product was basically designed for two supermarkets, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose.  This meant that it was vitally important to us that after all our hard work, we secured listings with these supermarkets. We feel very lucky to have been approached by Suzi,  who offered to work with us to secure a listing.

Suzi set up meetings with several buyers, and we had the opportunity to test out our pitch on less important “targets”, so that when we had our first meeting with Waitrose, we had practised what we were saying, and presented them a coherent argument as to why they needed our product!

Suzi is extremely well organised – she keeps us in check, in terms of producing critical paths, making sure we stick to agendas, and generally keeping us “on task”.   She is not afraid to say when she thinks we are wrong!

When we secured our listing with Waitrose, she also helped enormously in terms of helping us with forecasting, and generally just having insight into the way buyers operate.  There are no books to explain this – you need someone like Suzi who has been on the inside! I think going forward Suzi has explained so much which will be invaluable to us, and I think working with her saved us a lot of time, and certainly she steered us in terms of establishing a good working relationship with our buyer.  We would recommend her to anyone who needs guidance as we did in terms of securing their brand a listing.

Jenny Salmon – Director, Crushed Ltd.


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