Middle Mouse Testimonial

”Launching a brand new product through a brand new business is a daunting prospect, especially when your experience in retail is limited to running a tiny bookshop in a sleepy village. Suzi’s expertise made me fully understand the potential of my product and showed me how to turn my ‘decent’ idea into a well-organised, Middle-Mouse-Wynne-Business-Testimonialprofessional company that big retail would take notice of. This includes things I would never have thought to account for, from trade marks to product spec sheets, plus a hundred tiny things that only someone with Suzi’s experience with buyers would know. Our sessions are informative, extremely organised and very enjoyable.

Suzi’s enthusiasm and passion gives you confidence in your purpose and her expertise provides access to the procedures and intricacies of the retail world that would be almost impenetrable without her guidance As a result of this, and with Suzi’s help, I have re-written my business plan to incorporate the opportunities offered by working with Wynne Business, and am able bring forward business objectives by several years. I would highly recommend Suzi to anyone looking to enter the retail space for the first time.”

Rebecca Wright, Director, Middle Mouse Group


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