The Apprentice – Pitching to Buyers

Wynne Business reviews The Apprentice

The Buying Task

By complete accident I stumbled upon The Apprentice on TV last night and it happened to be the episode/task when they pitch to retail buyers (I know fate or what?!).

The task was to create a new gin and present it to three retail buyers to gain orders and the group with the most orders would win. Great! I love this stuff.

The essence of the task was to create a strong brand with a unique proposition in a competitive growing market and make sure that the product delivers (or it won’t get past the buyers). However, I think creating the synergy between the brand and the actual product and how it feels/tastes/looks wasn’t captured by the candidates.  Although, I shouldn’t scrutinise too much since one team had been sampling gin since 10am and had one day to do it.

The pitching itself was a joy to watch for me, classic stuff. There was one person presenting, while the other is clinking and clunking bottles underneath a desk; with mixed messages and the key benefits getting missed out along the way.

Doing things differently

Just a simple pre-prepared structure of key messages that they wanted to communicate may have helped. Also, and it is what I advise clients: keep evolving the pitch, learn from the first one with what does and doesn’t work.

After not watching The Apprentice for years, I think I have been hooked back in, plus I can’t wait for my gin and tonic tonight…I can nearly taste it.

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