The Changing Retail Landscape

Selling Brands to Retailers

Selling new products and certainly selling new brands has changed a lot over the years.  Through Tesco Project Reset, Asda Project Renewal and the general stripping out of skus has led to smaller ranges in retail.  Or perhaps less depth is a better way to explain it.

We present new brands and products to buyers every week and times are tough.  Buyers are less inclined to take risk and are challenged with growing own brand products in their categories.  These testing times do certainly separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to new product launches.  Only the truly unique products which deliver quality and with genuine customer value will get through the range reviews.

However, I now wonder whether there could be adjustments ahead and if we are about to see a shift change (a big ‘if’). There has been a significant shift as grocers work towards consolidating with wholesalers: Tesco and Booker, Morrisons and McColl’s and Co-op/Sainsbury’s with Nisa.

Perhaps, just perhaps, with the vertical integration and cost savings that they make they could be more prepared to take on new products, which may come with risk but will deliver something new for their customers.  Something which separates them from other retailers and will make that customer come back again and again.

Nobody knows for sure if this will happen, but one thing guaranteed is the landscape will continue to change and as always; retail is an exciting place to be…..

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