What’s The Plan? Preparing Your Pitch

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So you’ve spent months researching names, from assistant buyers to category managers, countless hours trawling the internet and your efforts have finally paid off.  You’ve made contact with the correct person, and you’ve got a meeting… Prosecco time? Not yet…

First things first, they obviously like your product but keep in mind that buyers get sent oodles of e-mails so by the time the big day comes around they may have forgotten everything you have told them so far.  So don’t leave anything out when it comes to your presentation, here are some tips to get things started;

  • A bit of background goes a long way; if you started making jam in your kitchen for your friends and family, tell them about it. Speak about your plans for the future and how you see your product and company progressing.  Don’t forget to include them in your plans.
  • Research the market. This is so important when it comes to pitching your product.  Your buyer may look after everything from tea bags to bin bags and can’t possibly know every market trend in between.  Show them you’re clued up on what’s going on in your particular sector.
  • What makes your product different and how is it going to stand out from the competition? Maybe your new washing line has a text alert function when it rains.  Focus on this fabulous uniqueness and provide some insight as to who will buy it (count me in for the washing line).
  • Don’t forget the detail. You should know your product inside and out.  Think of everything a buyer might want to know.  Fumbling through your tatty notebook while humming the theme tune to The Simpsons doesn’t look professional in anyone’s book.
  • Lastly, make a list of what you want to get out of the meeting. This should keep you focused and by asking relevant questions you will demonstrate that you have serious potential to become a valuable supplier.

How Wynne Business can help

Perhaps preparing and presenting a polished pitch leaves you positively tongue-tied (much like this sentence)!  Or maybe your contact list is emptier than the punch bowl at the end of the office Christmas party.  At Wynne Business we can offer assistance at any stage of your journey, from the initial concept right through to getting your product on the shelf.   Get in touch for more information on our bespoke solutions contact sw@wynnebusiness.co.uk.


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