Monday’s Are BTS with Wynne Business

Monday’s Are BTS with Wynne Business

Wynne Business Photo Shoot

It’s Monday morning and the sun is shining, the temperature outside is 28 degrees and everybody seems cheerful, not your usual Monday depicted by the countless memes on social media.

This morning I’ve been invited by Suzi Wynne to my very first photo shoot.  When I arrive I meet the lovely Jordan from Magill Photography.  We’ve already spoken on the phone, shared Pinterest boards and come up with a suitable brief and shot list.  Today we’re aiming to capture some lifestyle shots for Where the River Bends split pea dips, which Suzi recently won a listing for with Ocado.

Setting The Scene

Jordan sets up his equipment in no time and we begin to test the lighting, do we go for light and airy or dark and moody?  That is the first decision of the day and as the shoot continues there are countless more decisions to make.  We start off with a group shot of all three products in their packaging.   Slowly we start to add some depth and interest to the scene by adding carefully chosen props and ingredients, taking a new snap each time to check the effect of our changes.  There are numerous parameters to consider whilst choosing what makes the final cut; colour, tone, material, size, positioning, proportion, texture and relevance.  An hour passes by very quickly and we sign off on our first shot of the day, it looks amazing and everybody is happy with the result.

We take a few BTS (behind the scenes) photos to document our progress.  It’s a shame to ruin the scene when it looks so good but we need to move on to the individual product shots.  We clear the decks and start again picking out various props and colour schemes to complement our three flavours; Green Jalapeno Coriander & LemonGarlic & Lemon and my personal favourite Red Pepper & Smoked Paprika.  The shots look fantastic and are everything we hoped for.

Since we’ve made great progress with the initial shots we decide to take an outdoor group product shot.  It is a beautiful day and the location is idyllic with rolling fields in the background.  Jordan has a particular shot in mind for this one and gets to work setting up his equipment outdoors.  He improvises using natural props from the surrounding garden and produces some stunning shots.  It’s a wrap!

We bring the day to a close by reviewing all the shots and checking we have everything we need.  It’s been a fantastic experience and we have captured some excellent photographs that can be used for various marketing throughout the year.

It’s fair to say that today has been no ordinary Monday at the office.  We’re privileged to work with some amazing clients and being part of their product journey from concept to shelf (and everything in between) is what makes our jobs so awesome at Wynne Business.

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