To be successful in retail it’s all about

Increasing Sales

Reducing costs

= improved profits

We help you hone your SALES skills to negotiate the listings and refine your MARKETING to connect with customers to then buy the products.

We offer tailored packages of support

Retail Ready Package

Package of support to help you get ‘retail ready’, pitch to buyers and have an implementation plan to launch into supermarkets.

Pathway Package

Package of support to explore route to market to rejuvenate stagnant sales. Strategic direction will help reach and engage new customers to grow sales and distribution channels

Flourish Package

Package of support to drive sales growth and scalability to take you to the next level. Full exploration of value proposition, route market and sales processes.

How we work

We will have a package to suit whatever stage you are at

  • Start Up – need skills and expertise
  • Scaling Up – need strategic direction
  • Established – need new ideas for growth


What sectors do you work in?

We work in food and non-food sectors and specialise in the process of presenting and pitching to retail buyers.


Do you operate like agents?

No!  When I set up Wynne Business my key aim was to work in a different way to agents.  At Wynne Business we represent a small selection of clients and work in partnership so we understand the brand and products and become a true representation of the client.  In many cases Wynne Business are also involved in the product development stage so become an integral part of the brand/business.


Do you mainly work with SME’s / entrepreneurs launching new products?

We do work with SME’s and entrepreneurs and offer tailored bite size packages, but we also work with larger companies who benefit from a specialist outsourced sales team.  Using an outsourced team allows the larger companies to focus on their core business which could be branded/unbranded or in a different sales channel.


How do you charge?

We work in a very flexible way across retainers, commission and pay as you go.  Please get in touch to find out how we could work together to grow your business.