Case Studies

Where it all started…

I set up Wynne Business back in 2012.  The idea originally came about in 2008 and then I spent several years looking into the kind of business I could set up to help clients and what is a well-used term: “to solve a problem”.  I didn’t set up this business to make mega bucks (good job because it hasn’t happened).  I set it up with idea that I could use my skills and experience from working with retailers to help those that didn’t.  That is still at the core of what we do.

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When Suzi met Clay Oven Bakery…

So, several years after setting up I met the owners of Clay Oven Bakery on a drizzly Lancashire day (very unusual) they spoke of how they wanted to grow.  Had big plans and a real pride and love for their product.  With most clients we work with we like to work with people who have a passion for what they do and a quality product.  That day they had brought samples, I’d never tried their naan breads before but I was blown away.  It was an amazing product and then I started to visualise the opportunities.

Getting from A to B

Big opportunities.  At the time when I met them they had launched in some Morrisons stores and Booths.  This product was premium and great value and it had what I thought was real supermarket appeal for the mass market.  But as we all know it’s not as easy as taking a product, rocking up at Tesco and saying: “you gotta have this”.

The journey…

We have four core services we offer our clients and we feel that we take them on a journey from researching the market to strategic planning, sales development and then account management.   To start the journey with them we looked at the market and the category.  We also looked at all aspects of the product and the offering.  

After this piece of work we sat down with the owners and suggested we re-brand and make sure that all artwork was consistent across all the packs.  The business had grown selling into wholesalers, take-aways and restaurants and when a new product was created it had its own artwork.  The re-branding positioned them as a more premium brand, as it’s a premium product and needed to look a level above own label.  With the premium appeal we needed to up our quality accreditations to target the supermarkets and started working on BRC accreditation.  This took about 12 months but was worth it as it started to open doors.

The pitch

We then started pitching to retailers and immediately got a great response for the brand and product.  It is great selling a product you know that once you get in a product panel you have full confidence in.  I love this bit and still do.  

Not the end….

As a retail sales consultancy we have helped not just in a sales development capacity and brought in Bidfood, Bookers, Tesco and Co-op but also supporting all strategic commercial decision making.  In our time working together our client has grown five-fold, doubled the number of employees which makes me feel incredibly humble and still has exciting plans for the future.  The journey continues…