Calyx Serves Up Tasty Testimonial


Calyx Drinks and Raphael is a great client to work with.  The Lancashire based craft flower brewer is really unique and the passion and drive that Raphael puts behind it makes it a fantastic project to work on. Receiving this endorsement is just the icing on the cake.

Calyx Drinks Testimonial

‘’Before working with Wynne Business, Calyx really was a 1-man band.  I was doing everything from answering the phones to producing the drinks.  I was trying to do everything so this meant no time away to plan or sell or even sleep!  I have no commercial expertise or knowledge to be able to deal with retailers but it was essential to go this way to grow the business.  When I saw Suzi’s CV, it showed she knew the market and there was a real connection between us.  She quickly understood what Calyx needed and wanted and I knew she would get the job done.  Wynne Business is extremely professional and structured which has complemented the strengths in our business and added value to Calyx.

We’ve worked with Wynne Business for over a year now and the highlight would be the meetings with buyers where Calyx and Wynne Business worked together to present the business and commercials and used each other’s strengths and knowledge to work as a partnership and really represent all that is good about Calyx.

Since partnering with Suzi, we have achieved so much from a listing in John Lewis, which has been fantastic exposure, to gaining an understanding of the retail market which allows for better planning and focus in the future.  Calyx now has retail presence which is excellent in buyer meetings as it shows confidence in the brand.  We have also been able to focus on what we do best knowing the Wynne Business team are out selling and driving the business forward.  On a personal note I have also spent time with family, travelled and sleep actually happens now!

Suzi has a very clear drive to succeed and complete the job more than Calyx would have anticipated.  She exceeded my expectations in many ways but the visit to the House of Commons really stood out for me.  Not only a brilliant day for Calyx but personally as well.  Suzi went above and beyond to sample, interact and make the day a success.

Wynne Business is a rising business with a bright future ahead.  The company has grown in the last year which has added more to what is now a team of professionals that can deliver.  They have committed to the brand and we love working with them.  And for anyone considering working with them, go for it!’’

Raphael Ogunrinde, Founder, Calyx Drinks

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