Mini Mantas and Wynne Business – a winning partnership


Mini Mantas is a business close to my heart having worked with owner Michael Thomas to take his creation from concept to shelf.  In March 2019 we met with the buyer at Boots to review sales and look at future opportunities.  What a day!  Our mutual partnership is set to continue and there are so many opportunities ahead.

Mini Mantas Testimonial

What is the power of networking? For me it is coming together to share knowledge with people who share the same values and determination to make things happen, then applying that to achieve an objective. A great example of that is on display here. Without those qualities none of this would have happened and this would be a blank space. A massive thank you to Suzi Wynne for the belief and resilience you have shown in this venture. I’ve learned so much, you are a pleasure to work but without those qualities (especially your experience, drive….. and old school strictness) this simply wouldn’t be where it is today. Sincere thanks and respect.

A shameless selfie to celebrate the journey of getting here and the meeting with Boots today to discuss the future partnership. The future is bright, the future is orange! #makeithappen #greatday . We continue….

Michael Thomas, Owner Founder, Mini Mantas

And continue we will…

Suzi Wynne, Managing Director, Wynne Business

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