Practice What You Preach…

I have been trying to write this for ages.  I really wanted to write something about how I have re-appraised my business over the last couple of weeks but I kept putting it off as Linkedin is awash with how you can be better, do better, think better.  I am hoping I don’t really come across like that, but I would like to share my experiences and offer genuine free advice in the form of an informal chat about how you can point yourself in the right direction.

If I can just help one brand using my retail experience and the process I have personally been through in the last month, that would be great.

I run a small business and like everyone, recently it has been hit by what feels like an iceberg.  I’m not exactly sure what the damage is yet but I know I need to start patching up where the leaks are and concentrate on the parts that haven’t had a direct hit and nurture those.  I work with supermarkets who have experienced amazing growth, but also food service which has literally fallen off a cliff.  I work with a mixture of brands of which some have had incredible levels of demand and some who’ve had to hibernate their business.  My work at the moment seems to be at extremes. 

So to steady the ship I started to look at the market (like we do for our clients) and look at the gaps and the trends for my own business.  I saw the shift from brands who predominantly supplied foodservice now wanting to grow their retail presence.  Just like I have done for many clients I started to look at the easy wins and evaluate how I could sell an existing product to a new market/audience with a small amount of resource and cost.  I looked at the services that Wynne Business provide and could see that we could re-purpose some of the services we offer.  We currently work on 6 – 12 month contracts and very much work in partnership with the brands we work with, but I could see an opportunity for the research and strategy piece of work we do within those contracts to be a stand-alone service.  I ran a Linkedin post on this last week and have had a fantastic response.  There are also other services which I believe can re-purpose in the short term which I am really excited to start working on.

I am happy to help anyone review how they can pivot, switch to retail with their current product range or grow their small retail customer base to the next level.  Please email me to arrange an informal chat: and hopefully I can help.  Take care everyone…

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