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2019 has been quite a year for Wynne Business with new clients, new listings and new team members.  As we grow, we always keep focus on the fact that our ultimate aim is to help SME’s grow too.

Wynne Business was established to work with small to medium sized companies to launch food and non-food products into multiple retailers.  The rationale was to offer clients the opportunity to have a sales resource which is highly trained with industry experience and best practice learned over many years, at a cost-effective rate with short term contracts.

How we can help you

As a small business we are flexible to work with and can support clients in any aspect of launching products.  This can be the whole process or just sections of it.  If you have a great product, we would be love to be a part of it.  And what we are really good at (and it’s the juicy bit) is getting those all-important meetings and getting a foot in the door!

Market Analysis and Audit

When you have an innovative idea for a product or looking to move into retail and need support in making the right decisions, we can provide support with desk top research and category audits for new market entry. Recommendations can reduce risk and provide valuable external insight.

Sales Strategy

Every business needs a defined sales strategy to enter the UK retail sales channel with a robust commercial proposition for retail buyers.  We can develop sales strategies with detailed routes to market, targets and tactics for buyer and customer engagement.

Sales Development

If you need an outsourced sales development resource, Wynne Business can provide a low risk entry into the retail channel, with the benefits of existing contacts and know-how in the industry. We create retailer presentations and prepare for that perfect pitch!

Account Support

Ongoing sales support for retail accounts is imperative to keep those important listings and we can provide account management and marketing support with defined client sales targets.

Getting into a and major retailer or supermarket takes time, a lot of perseverance and attention to detail. It can take months to even get hold of the person you need to speak to, let alone convince them they want your product.

Wynne Business is here to help make that all important breakthrough, making sure you have absolutely everything sorted and ready to go. You need to prove that you have a brand/product that their customers want to buy, you’re professional and organised enough to be on a supermarket shelf and finally, that you can deliver on every part of the agreement you make with them.  We have the knowledge and experience to make sure that once you get onto the shelf you stay there

If you have a product you would like to discuss, why not get in touch – hello@wynnebusiness.co.uk

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