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The heart of Lancashire has a thriving food & drink community with a vast range of sought-after producers who are passionate about their products.

Many start small and keep it local by establishing their business on the food and farmers market circuit. In the last 12 months they have had to rely on their online sales. Either way, these are excellent platforms for trialling new product concepts, testing out consumer opinion, establishing a price point & generally honing in on what exactly it is that their business has to offer. Being able to connect with consumers in such a personal way in the early stages of launching a business provides a solid basis for those with their sights set on scaling up.

For those businesses with an ambition to scale up and expand into Retail, it can be a daunting process. Whilst there is undoubtedly a world of opportunity for exciting brands with innovative new products, there is much to consider when it comes to launching into the supermarkets.

Wynne Business has a track record of helping food & drink brands to achieve national distribution with UK retailers, and can help to navigate small businesses towards their own success in retail. We combine our many years of industry experience with practical advice and actions that get results. So we are delighted to have partnered with Lancashire County Councils support programme, Two Zero, to launch the Route Into Retail workshop, which aims to get the products of Lancashire food & drink businesses onto supermarket shelves!

The first of its kind in Lancashire, Route Into Retail covers all aspects of the commercial process. From researching the category, developing a sales & marketing strategy and creating a compelling pitch to buyers to help to win those first accounts, the workshop provides valuable insights that will streamline the process for business owners.

With practical information & guidance, proven theories & techniques, peer to peer learning & mentoring sessions, the workshop is packed with useful content that will provide delegates with the tools they need to succeed in retail. 

So if you are looking to scale up your food or drink business into Retail, or to pivot from your established wholesale or foodservice channels, then the Route Into Retail workshop could be for you. The businesses that do come on board need to be based in Lancashire and fit the “scale-up” criteria so you need to have grown by 20% each year for the last 3 years and plan to grow 20% for the next 3 years.

If you would like to take part in the Route Into Retail workshop please drop me an email or go straight to the enquiry form at

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