How Market Research Helps Retail Listings

Come range review time, Retail Buyers really do have a difficult job. Presented with a steady stream of innovative products from creative new (and old!) brands, they must select which, if any, they feel will give them the best return if they award them space on the shelf.

Shelf space is like gold dust, so any range changes a Buyer makes come with a certain amount of risk. So it’s on Brand owners to do as much as they can to mitigate this risk, if they are to succeed with those precious new listings! At Wynne Business we always advise and help our clients to thoroughly do their homework before developing their sales pitch for Buyer meetings. Years of experience has taught us that taking the time to go through this detailed process at the beginning, will result in a confident & targeted pitch that is much more likely to succeed.

Wynne Business is set to host a brand new Route into Retail workshop in partnership with Lancashire County Councils support programme, Two Zero, starting in May. The workshop has been created to help Lancashire’s thriving food & drink businesses to launch onto supermarket shelves and set them up for success in Retail. Passionate as we are about Market Research, one of the sessions will focus specifically on this all-important aspect of selling! The Research session will provide practical tips & advice on all aspects of the vital groundwork that Buyers expect to have been examined to support a new product launch:

  • Understanding market dynamics & how your product will add value
  • Reviewing consumer insight & how your product meets a clear consumer need
  • Assessing each channel to determine where the best opportunity for your product lies
  • Analysing your core competitors to establish that your product adds value        
  • Looking at new product trends to validate your products place in the market and think about potential areas for longer term NPD.

Following on from the Research session, the Route into Retail workshop will also look at developing a sales & marketing strategy, and creating a compelling pitch to buyers to help to win those first accounts. With practical information & guidance, proven theories & techniques, peer to peer learning & mentoring sessions, the workshop is packed with useful content that will provide delegates with the tools they need to succeed in retail. 

The workshop starts on the 5th May 2021

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