Marketing Your Product For Retail

Retail space on shelf is hard to come by, so when you eventually succeed in achieving a much sought-after retail listing, make sure there is a clear marketing plan in place that will drive awareness, and ultimately sales, of your product.

At Wynne Business we work with business owners to launch and grow food and drink products in retail. We know that launching a product is only the beginning – it is so important to recognize that it is the marketing plan that lets consumers know it is there and encourages them to try it!

We have a pragmatic approach to marketing. If consumers understand a brand or product, and it is relevant to their lives, the chances are that they will remember it. If you’re lucky, they may even share it with their friends. So there are two things we always focus on first:

1 – ‘understanding a brand’ – it might sound simple, but keeping the brand message concise is often more difficult that it looks. Creating a clear brand proposition is vital to keeping your marketing message consistent and on track. 

2 – ‘relevance’ – whilst it can be tempting to keep your target audience wide open in the hope you will reach more consumers, in reality it can have the opposite effect. The goal is to know exactly who your potential consumers are, and what they care about. This helps you to work out why your product or service appeals to them, and allows you to communicate your marketing plan to the right people, in the right way.

With a clear view of what the brand stands for, and who the target consumer is, the next step is to work out the marketing objective, and create a carefully budgeted plan that will help you to achieve your business goals.

Marketing Your Product  is a focus area of the newly created Route Into Retail workshop that we are delighted to be hosting in partnership with Lancashire County Councils support programme, Two Zero. Starting in May, Route Into Retail has been developed to help Lancashire’s thriving food & drink businesses to launch onto supermarket shelves and set them up for success in Retail.The Marketing Your Product session will provide delegates with practical tips & advice on all aspects of creating a Marketing Plan, from nailing the Brand Proposition & Target Consumer to developing the Marketing Tactics that make up the plan.

The Route Into Retail workshop will also look at techniques for researching a market, developing a sales strategy, and creating a compelling pitch to buyers to help to win those first accounts. With practical information & guidance, proven theories & techniques, peer to peer learning & mentoring sessions, the workshop is packed with useful content that will provide delegates with the tools they need to succeed in retail. 

The workshop starts on the 5th May 2021

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