Perfect Pitch

Pitching to buyers – it’s the Dragon’s Den element of working with retailers.  But with the right preparation and approach it really doesn’t need to be daunting or too challenging.

At Wynne Business we work with business owners to launch and grow food and drink products into retail. With most of our clients we approach buyers on their behalf, but for some consultancy clients we can support them to make their own approaches and have recently created the Perfect Pitch training sessions.

Perfect Pitch is tailored advice built on 20 years of experience working with retailers, with proven techniques gained through securing listings with: Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Co-op and Morrisons.

Perfect Pitch is all about how to present your brand and products in the best possible way to secure meetings, engage with buyers and deliver that perfect pitch. 

Our top five tips for preparing for a buyer meeting are:

  • USP’s – outline the key selling points you need to communicate.
  • Product costs – and make sure you include all the extra costs of working with retailers.
  • Category research – looking at competitors, market data, market trends etc
  • Retailer strategies – find out how are they positioned to work with your brand.
  • Retailer product range – how would your product fit within your target retailer’s category.

The second section of Perfect Pitch is all about delivery.  We provide practical advice and explore:

  • Building a story
  • Trade presenters
  • Virtual pitching

Perfect Pitch is one of the sessions included in the newly created Route Into Retail workshop that we are delighted to be hosting in partnership with Two Zero / Lancashire County Council. Starting in May, Route Into Retail has been developed to help Lancashire’s thriving food & drink businesses launch onto supermarket shelves and set them up for success in Retail.

The Route Into Retail workshop will also look at techniques for researching a market, developing a sales strategy, and creating a marketing plan. With practical information & guidance, proven theories & techniques, peer to peer learning & mentoring sessions, the workshop is packed with useful content that will provide delegates with the tools they need to succeed in retail. 

The workshop started on the 5th May 2021 and runs for 6 months.

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