Working With Retailers

Winning a listing and receiving the validation you have a great product from a buyer who wants your product in their range feels amazing.  Fist pumping, star jumps, phone calls to friends and family woo hoo!   It’s tough to get to this point but the real work is actually still to come (sorry, spoiler alert).  Once you have a listing it’s then keeping it there and keeping/making it profitable.

At Wynne Business we work with business owners to launch and grow FMCG products into retail. So, as well as the pitching we can help you scale up and account manage retailers.

Scaling Up

The key aspects of scaling up to grow your sales whilst making profit with retailers are:


-Pitching products to buyers to get on shelf


-Creating and driving consumers to buy from the retailer


-Having systems in place to get the products on shelf, on time and within compliance (quality & technical standards).

Working With Retailers

The goal is to maximise the listings you have by building strong retailer relationships and optimising additional opportunities in the retail account.

We believe you can split this into 5 key areas:

  • Account Management – Joint Business Plans, managing the account profitably, working across departments and managing agreed KPI’s.
  • Range Reviews – the goal is to increase listings and/or distribution, review marketing ROI and put plans in place to grow the account.
  • Negotiating Terms – managing price increases/product changes
  • Marketing Activity – planning and managing marketing tactics.
  • NPD Scheduling – working with buyers to grow your business with additional lines / seasonal opportunities.

Route Into Retail

Working With Retailers is one of the sessions included in the newly created Route Into Retail workshop that we are delighted to be hosting in partnership with Two Zero / Lancashire County Council. Starting in May, Route Into Retail has been developed to help Lancashire’s thriving food & drink businesses launch onto supermarket shelves and set them up for success in Retail. The Working With Retailers session will provide delegates with practical tips & advice for building strong retailer relationships and optimising sales.

The Route Into Retail workshop will also look at techniques for researching a market, developing a marketing plan to support listings and creating a compelling pitch to buyers to help to win retailer accounts. With practical information & guidance, proven theories & techniques, peer to peer learning & mentoring sessions, the workshop is packed with useful content that will provide delegates with the tools they need to succeed in retail. 

The workshop started on the 5th May 2021 and runs for 6 months.

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