10 Years – How Did That Happen?

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since I created my retail consultancy Wynne Business – and what a rewarding 10 years it has been! Born out of a genuine love of growing sales for brands with amazing products, the business has evolved from servicing our very lovely first client, Crushed, to working with a select portfolio of FMCG clients with whom we have developed long term, deep relationships.

How It Began

I could really see an opportunity for professional sales development & marketing support for SME’s looking to launch products into retail grocery. I decided to set about filling that gap and creating a business that could add value.  Adding value is key and what I focus on with all clients.  I also think it’s hugely motivational to deliver. Wynne Business really does strive to deliver for clients. To get their products in front of buyers, to generate sales and growth. In real terms this is about growing their business. It’s about helping them see their product on shelf, getting a bigger factory, employing more people to make a team or sometimes filling empty manufacturing capacity to keep the business afloat.

Over The Last Ten Years….

We’ve had a growing client base, an expanding team & special relationships with our customers across the industry, from Bidfood & Booker; Tesco, Waitrose, Co-op, Morrisons, Booths & AF Blakemore’s to Westmorland and Bowland Brewery.

It has certainly not all been plain sailing, what with the challenges of Brexit & the matter of a global pandemic thrown in along the way. We continue to work through the ongoing issue of food inflation which undoubtedly makes life for anyone involved in the industry very interesting. Notwithstanding all of that I love what I do and have learned such a lot about the importance of being able to flex the business to meet the demands of our clients. Those deeper relationships with both our clients & customers have been pivotal when it comes to negotiating price increases and growing sales with new products.

I’m so proud of what has been achieved by Wynne Business – we are firmly established as a small but mighty cog in the complex process of launching & growing products in retail, and our clients rely on our experience & expertise to ensure their products have the very best chance of success on shelf. We have incredible support from our marketing partners Utter Creatives, Voodoo Marketing, Scale-ability, Boost, Two Zero, Rivers Creative who have all played a role in our success so far.

The Future

If the last 10 years have taught me anything, it’s that in the wonderful world of retail its hard to predict what’s around the corner. One thing is certain – it never stays the same – which is probably why I love it so much! Here’s to the next 10!

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